30+ Best Digital Art Face Drawing Tutorials

Hello! Today I found best digital art illustration tutorials and tips for you! If you are a beginner I’m sure you will love these digital art sketches ideas. Don’t forget, you should more practice for improving your digital painting. Come grab your coffe or tea. Let’s start!

How to digital draw a face?

These tutorials telling us mix face parts for create unique faces. Credit: @franblam on Instagram.

Digital painting is very popular nowadays. Did you know what it takes to be a digital artist? Today I will give you some tips for digital painting.

What is Digital Painting?

Digital painting artist uses traditional painting techniques to create the painting directly on the computer or graphic tablet. While doing this, digital painting software use.

Advantages of Digital Art

  1. It is more efficient. It is easier to get started and work fast.
  2. With the painting software, you can undo the picture and correct it when you make a mistake.
  3. Unlimited trials. You can create as many kinds of pictures as you want.
  4. It is very easy to duplicate the picture or drawing you do. You can sell to your customers with a single click.
  5. It is practical in terms of equipment and materials. You are ready after purchasing your digital painting software, computer or graphic tablet.
  6. No need to wait for the paints to dry!

How to sketch face

More ideas from @frannchann on Instagram. Click images for close look.

Supplies for digital painting

If you are interested in digital painting, there are 2 things you need.

  1. A drawing tablet or iPad or Computer
  2. Painting software


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