Helloo! In this post, I want to tell you about my another acrylic pouring adventure.

As you know, there are many different techniques for acrylic pouring.
especially if you are looking for acrylic painting techniques for beginners like me, there are many creative ideas.

In this video I did acrylic funnel pour technique. Everythink started with a video I’ve seen on youtube. Imagine of acrylic paint poured from the funnel was amazing. I went right away and bought a funnel. I have already used acrylic paints for this painting.I used turquoise, yellow, hot pink, purple, red and white acrylic colors.

So I prepare my plastic cups and paints as usual. When pouring acrylic, you should definitely take cleaning precautions if you do not want your house to get acrylic paint. although acrylic paint is water-based and can be easily removed. Special supplie for this acrylic pouring was a funnel!

I use white paint as a background, but again I repeat the mistake I made in my another painting.

Acrylic paint cracked on the canvas because I mixed the paint I used in the background with acrylic medium. Then I learned that the white acrylic paint I used was for all surfaces. that is, it was not designed specifically for the canvas. it was a general purpose paint.

Nevertheless, the resulting artistic image gave me a lot of pleasure. I hope you enjoy your video as much as I do. It was a relaxing acrylic pouring.

I’m very happy that a lot of people are watching this video and getting inspired. of course I am a very beginner acrylic painter. There is much to learn acrylic painting. I will develop myself further on this subject.

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